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Board of Directors

Please contact the commissioner that corresponds with the age group you have a question or concern with. Murfreesboro Baseball & Softball is a volunteer board and all of our members are otherwise employed. Please leave a message or text with the board member and give them time to respond. They may be at their paying job and not able to respond immediately. If you do not get an answer within 24 hours please try again. If no response, please contact an executive board member. We want to serve you as quickly as possible, but sometimes we are not immediately available. Thank you for your interest in Murfreesboro Baseball and Softball Association.

Executive Board

Courtney Sloan (formerly Morgan)


Phone: 615-585-8922

Don Peulecke

Vice President

Phone: 309-706-8782

Randall Parker

Director - Softball

Phone: 615-691-2390

Shad Holloman

League Secretary

Phone: 615-631-5635

Steve Harris


Phone: 615-545-2377

Baseball Commissioners

Tim Page

4U Commissioner

Phone: 615-566-6394

Don Peulecke

5u Commissioner

Phone: 309-706-8782

Shad Holloman

6u Commisioner

Phone: 615-631-5635

PJ Hunter

7U Commissioner

Phone: 615-854-4066

Chris Pugh

8U Commissioner

Phone: 615-971-0190

John Green

9-10u Commissioner

Phone: 615-869-8905

Jose Rodriguez

11/12 Commissioner

Phone: 615-956-1513

Steve Harris

13-18 Commissioner

Phone: 615-545-2377

Softball Commissioners

Kelly Boyd

5/6 Commissioner

Phone: 615-653-0551

Michael Spivey

7/8 Commissioner

Phone: 615-624-0263

Jacob O'Brien

9/10 Commissioner

Phone: 731-499-0805

Michael Shumaker

11-15u Commissioner

Phone: 615-440-0402

support staff

Josh Brawley

Head Umpire

Lauren Siren

League Scorekeeper

Phone: 615-556-5695

John Green


Phone: 615-869-8905

Michael Shumaker

Uniform Coordinator

Phone: 615-440-0402